(Regression, Integration, Smoke Testing)

Test Web Pages for correct function, formatting, cookies and data validation. Functional testing is ideal to accomplish smoke testing
regression testing, and integration testing.

Check Links

  • Test links to a page from external pages
  • Test all links on a page for correct operation
  • Test links to anchors on the same page
  • Test email mail-to links Identify orphan pages – pages that are not linked from other pages

Test Web Form On the Pages

  • Check the field validation logic for each field Check default values for each field
  • Check that password fields do not show the password contents
  • Negative test invalid input values for each field
  • Validate the response to a form submit

Session and Cookie Management Testing

  • Check application log-in sessions by enabling and disabling cookies
  • Negative test cookies by using a mismatching domain
  • Check that session cookies reset between browser sessions
  • Check application security by selectively deleting cookies while a test operates

Dynamic Content Testing (aka database Testing)

  • Check data consistency in database-driven Web forms
  • Check create, edit, delete, update (CRUD) tasks
  • Verify data retrieval delivers the correct data
  • Identify database connectivity and query errors

Validate JavaScript Tags

  • Identify Script tags that return 404 or other load errors
  • Identify id, name, on… attributes that do not match any Script tag

Validate Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) tags

  • Identify CSS tags that return 404 or other CSS load errors
  • Identify HTML id, class, and name attributes that do not match any CSS tags